If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will have seen that I’m SUPER hyped for the next season of American Horror Story (airing September 5th OMFG). I wanted to do my own little countdown with a celebration of some of my favourite characters from the former series’, this week is Elsa Mars.


elsa mars beauty 3

As Halloween is on the horizon (it’s so close I can smell those pumpkin spice lattes!) I wanted to explain how I created her look- she’s a perfect one for someone looking to create a last minute Halloween party look (we’ve all been there).


German expat and freak show owner Elsa Mars is a dying breed. She’s a hopeless romantic and has-been, an over-baked, over-glamourised woman with dreams she hardly believes in herself. Her aesthetic is simple: WWII icon Marlene Dietrich meets David Bowie, but with a touch of Americana, circa 1950. She’s seldom seen without her cigarette and her whimsical mutterings of Hollywood dreams.

elsa mars beauty 2



I wanted to incorporate several moments of her character throughout the season, but was drawn most to the episode where she covers David Bowie’s ‘Heros’, wearing an over-the-top baby blue eye. I used a simple MUA palette to create the look, but wet my eyeshadow brush first so I could create a more vivid colour. The blending was minimal as I wanted to embrace Elsa’s haphazard way of applying make up. I feel like her hands would almost be shaking as she applied her eyeshadow- from the nerves of the performance she was about to put on.

elsa mars beauty 4

I kept my eyebrows fairly dark and filled in, with minimal volume, but to get more of her look make yours arched and very thin.

elsa mars beauty 5



Elsa’s go-to is a classic, burgundy lip that’s simple, sans overlining. I used a ‘Deep Nude’ lipstick from New Look Beauty to re-create it. Obviously with my vintage filters the colour starts to look more on the brown side, but I would aim for something with a splash of colour.

elsa mars beauty 6



Elsa is weathered and almost on the gaunt side, she’s showing her age even through her make up. Give yourself a heavy contour especially underneath the cheek bones to create a sharp look, and bake heavily underneath the eyes! I even added a white foundation to create a  patch like her eye bags haha! Be generous with the blush just under the cheekbones, and add a small beauty spot a la Marilyn Monroe, just like Elsa’s.

elsa mars beauty 7



Tightly curled and in a side parting, Mars encapsulates iconic 1930s/40s hairstyles. If you’re like me and want to create the look sans heat, simply pin your hair into curls using a bunch of bobby pins! Finish with a post-it note rolled up into a cigarette-like shape. Smoking kills, kids!

elsa mars beauty 3