If there’s one thing I’m crazy over, it’s a statement watch. Although I sometimes forget to put on my rings or necklaces, you’ll seldom see me without a watch. This summer the wonderful people at Ice Watch kindly gifted me one of their accessories and MY GOD I’M IN LOVE. I’m so smitten with my wrist candy that I’ve decided to talk about it on here, and create a beauty look that reflects the face.

ice watch three


The blue, shimmer shaded dial is definitely my favourite quality to the watch, but I have to admit I’m loving it’s sports luxe edge. The water-resistant strap makes it perfect for summer and I have to say, it’s wipe-clean properties are amazing for me- I’m always prone to being messy!

ice watch seven

The faces come in two different sizes, small (34mm) and medium (40mm) and they’re available in four colours, so if blue doesn’t float your boat, they have variances on turquoise, pink and gold too.

ice watch five

ice watch eight


You know the kind of packaging you get where you never want to throw it out? That’s how I felt about this pretty white box! I’m actually thinking of finding a way of planting a cactus inside the box… watch this space!

ice watch ten

ice watch six

Opening the box from the bottom with a plastic catch, the watch slips out very easily and inside you’ll also find the warranty and some instructions as to how to care for this beaut!

ice watch four


Although these watches have been created to add some sparkle to your summer, I felt some clear Ice Queen vibes from my blue piece, so I created this look to imitate the face. I had so much fun with this look and I’m thinking of re-creating it for Halloween, what do you think?

ice watch one

A silver complexion graduating into cool blue tones really reflected the face’s sparkle. I added some hardness with a matte blue lip and finished with some glitter contouring. Can I do this everyday plz?!

ice watch two


Ice Watch kindly sponsored this post, but the content and views are entirely my own, as always.

What’s your favourite summer statement?

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