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So a little while back you might have seen the EPIC terrarium class I attended and wrote about on my blog– the folks over at Obby kindly invited me and to be honest I’ve been obsessing over which classes I want to try next! Since then, I met up with them and they interviewed me about my experience and I can’t wait to share it with you. You can read on below, and there’s a link to the original blog post at the bottom of the page.


Obby: What was it that inspired you to take the class in the first place?

Maria: “I love the garden. It’s where I like to read but I never get a chance to do that, I’m so busy. I figured if I started with this class I would have an excuse to get more hands on in the garden. My Mum loves gardening she’s always trying to get me to join in, so maybe it’s in my blood!”

obby 3

Obby:  So you wanted to do something a little more creative?

Maria: “I guess I would consider myself creative, I write a blog and I’m a  freelance writer so I’m always creative but I wanted to branch out. I wanted to do something a little different rather than writing the same content. It’s good to try new things every now and then.”

Obby:  That’s what we think too! Everyone should try something a little different every now and then. What’s your next Obby class on the calendar?

Maria: “I’m a bit hooked on floristry now; I want to learn how to arrange a bouquet next. Although I’ve spied that Sushi Supper Club workshop.I love sushi but I don’t have a clue how to make it, so I should probably learn that next!”

obby 4

Obby:  What was the best bit of the Terrarium Tuesday class?

Maria: “The Prosecco was always a nice welcome but I loved the fact it was personal. Even though everyone was making terrariums, you designed it yourself. They told us to imagine it as our own mini garden, I thought that was adorable.”


Obby:  How is the terrarium? Is it still surviving?

Maria: “Surviving, it’s thriving! I took my boyfriend to the class so we have two in the house, but our collection has grown since. We’ve ended up buying loads of plants and even indoor greenhouses. You can’t go to that class and not want to fill your house with plants!”

obby 6

Obby: Finally Maria, why do you love Obby?

Maria: “It’s so easy. Everything is in categories. I knew I wanted to do something to do with floristry and once I was on the website it was all laid out easily for me to find. It’s a pretty website, I just love it.”

Read the original blog post HERE


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