So here I am, little ol’ me writing on my blog. It’s not a particularly big blog at all, and I’ll have to admit, I’ve never really thought about it going anywhere. Hell, I didn’t even realise the power of PR and promotion until this year. I’ve seen a number of tweets recently about others feeling a little deflated with their progress in the blogging world and combined with *cough* Sarah Ashcroft Gate *cough*  I thought I would put pen to paper so to speak, and voice my opinion on the blogging world and our individual place in it, along with those awful pressures. 

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Now because I’m wishing summer away because I’m oh-so ready for autumn, I’m going to use a wee Halloween analogy here. Let’s think of blogging as a cauldron, bubbling on a creepy lil fire. Inside that cauldron is the secret recipe for success, and if I were to ever take a guess as to the ingredients, I would say they included doses of skill and creativity, but also heavy doses of timing and luck, OH-MY-GOD sized spoonfuls of luck.

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I feel like there’s this huge pressure to succeed; to have X amount of followers to be recognised, to constantly be coming up with new and original content, to discover your niche and become your own ‘brand’. This is causing ‘micro influencers’ to use a snazzy phrase *wink* to become a little put off. If I’m honest, I don’t worry tooooo much about who and how many people are reading my words, but I just feel so much for those that feel lost- I definitely feel the same sometimes.

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There are so many bloggers I love, who are making killer content but they feel a little put off by stagnant progress or the dreaded writer’s block. There isn’t one person doing this who can say they haven’t felt that way; I certainly did. Don’t you feel in the past couple of years like there’s an added pressure? Make sure your pictures are DSLR-standard quality, keep the backgrounds clean, update your social media X amount of times a week. It can all get a little much and I can see why some want to give up.

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I don’t want to shine too much light on Cosmopolitan’s recent interview with Sarah Ashcroft and her opinions on there being no room for any other bloggers, but I do just want to say this. We are a diverse community, and I haven’t met/followed any two people who are the same. We all deserve to have our little corners of the web. A virtual stamp we can decorate with our creativity and no-one should say otherwise. The numbers game is tough and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been at this for years but I’m severely late to the promotional party- I’ve been unaware of the potential and even though it can look like you aren’t getting anywhere, I say keep going!

I remember a few months back a non-blogger asked me if I thought I was a little old to be blogging. “It’s pretty much a young person’s game isn’t it?”. I think I’ve proven my point that really, blogging is up to YOU. Age, gender, whatever- do what you want, and create what you’re passionate about- don’t let anyone deter you.

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Keep creating that content, keep posting your bomb ass pictures, keep telling yourself that you deserve to have a website and are an authority on what you’re talking about. You don’t NEED a niche; I should know, I’m just a blogging ball of all things! If things get overwhelming, take a little break, gather yourself. This is meant to be fun after all, right?

I’m constantly inspired by bloggers every single day, and this year alone I’ve branched out and met a whole bunch of new people I can’t wait to get to know better. It’s a wonderful, virtual world that spills magically into real life and honestly, I think we all deserve to enjoy it and show people our creativity.

So to all those feeling deflated or wanting to give up, please don’t! Let’s share our favourite bloggers right now! Let me know yours below.

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Pictures by the beaut Siobhan from Justauniform.


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