I wanted to come on here and write another chatty post because well, I’m in a chatty mood and I love to talk to all of you and see if you feel the same!

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This fine Sunday evening had me thinking about how I spend my time, most specifically my down time. Earlier on in the day I took part in a lovely Twitter chat over on the Tea Cup Club page (which is fab you must follow!) and they were talking about beauty routines and also how you organise your mental health. It got me thinking that I don’t actually ever set aside any time to just zone out, or relax.

If I’m watching a film, I will also have to be on my laptop editing pictures, or on Twitter, or answering emails etc. If I’m sitting downstairs for a period of time I will always bring either my phone or laptop, because God forbid I’ll be on the sofa with nothing to do.

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Anyone ever get like that? It’s like an uneasiness that creeps into my stomach and makes me feel like if I’m in bed watching Netflix all day then I’m not achieving anything. Which is SO ridiculous because everyone needs days like that! This weekend in particular got me thinking because it’s a bank holiday, and you always want to just CRAM in those activities to make the most of it- but instead I end up being counterproductive. I’m more tired, the time goes quicker and sometimes I feel worse going back into work.

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Where my boyfriend can sit and play games all day (if I don’t nag him) I’m just totally unable to just watch a show, or meditate, or just sit and spend time quietly.

So, lovely blogosphere, help me out! What do you guys do that helps you not feel guilty for doing nothing on the odd day? I need your advice!


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