It’s Okay to Be Fickle

Working in retail, it’s commonly known that it’s important to know what your customer ‘looks like’. A style tribe if you will. That got me thinking recently about how you define your own style, and whether I wanted to really stick myself in a box, or want everyone else to define me as liking a certain style- what if you don’t feel like you fit into any particular box?


For me fashion isn’t defined by having a theme and sticking to it- a bit like those silly Instagram themes that define some accounts- I love all colours, so it would be so hard for me to pick a particular favourite. If you know me, you’ll know my favourite word is ‘favourite’. I’ll tell you my favourite film is Pirates of the Caribbean, but then I’ll remember the masterpiece that is The Shining; but wait no, don’t forget Bridesmaids (Kirsten Wiig you babe). I have 20 different favourite foods (because food is basically bae) and I’m so obsessed with Disney that I couldn’t possibly even think about having a favourite character because 9 times out of 10 I would instantly change my mind.

MINSTER SHOT 3Top: Boohoo Man
Trousers: Boohoo Man
Boots: Iron Fist

I bleached my hair so I could constantly change the colour, because who wants to be a brunette all their life (not me!) I wanna be blue, and orange, and pink all at the same time and they’re all my favourite but at the same time I want to try purple too, okay?!

MINSTER SHOT 1Belt: Off White 
Beret: Vintage

At school I loved listening to Fall Out Boy, but dreamed of pirate looks (dreadlocks and heavy kohl like Jack) but I also loved slipping into leopard print dresses and wearing a semi high heel. Even with my blog; I used to run three separate ones simultaneously; one for celebrity news, one for music and one for fashion and I refused to stick to one for so many years- although I’m pretty sure this was detrimental to my blogging stretch!

MINSTER SHOT 5Wig: Aliexpress

With fashion, I want to own flame boots, but also pink tulle and ripped jeans, but keep it classy with a pinstripe (I swear all those elements would look killer together). Is it so bad to be fickle when it comes to fashion? After all, it’s what the retailer wants you to do- invest in the trends season after season.

Being fickle is fun, you should try it some time. Just don’t get a tattoo, because I think we all know how that will end…



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