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It’s pretty much impossible to go through life without comparing yourself to a single person, but in an age of social media when you only have to use your thumb to scroll and someone’s life is in front of you, it’s kinda hard not to second guess yourself.
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Instagram is the main culprit of this for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not being bitter (I’m mildly jealous hehe), is it just me, or is everyone on Instagram going on their holibobs? I’m the only person on my feed who hasn’t been to Copenhagen- someone at work told me it was expensive so I’ve been too scared to go. Almost everyone has amazing pics from the Berlin Wall, others are weekending in Amsterdam and I’m sat here; I’ve just moved back with my parents, I’m extremely poor but I’m happy and here’s why.


I shouldn’t be though should I? One and half years ago, I was on the holiday of a lifetime driving up and down the Florida Keys with Kayle. Two Christmases ago I got to see Inverness (Scotland) with Kayle’s lovely family and last year I visited Disneyland Paris not once, but twice. It’s just hard to put life in perspective when you’re comparing yourself to people who seem to be living it up all the time, you know?


Beauty is another thing too. Everyone on my Insta seems to have the new new products and I’m sitting here with my reduced palette from Make Up Revolution and a liquid lipstick I nabbed from Lime Crime for $5- I’m always stuck for flat lays as I feel like I’m repeating the same products, but why am I comparing myself?

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It’s an automatic thing I guess, and who knows, maybe people look at my Instagram and think a similar thing. It’s human nature for us all to compare and be ultimately disappointed with what they’ve got but it’s got me thinking. So what if you’re holiday is six months away and it’s to Skegness? So what if you can’t get that perfect flat lay because you can’t afford Chanel’s latest lipstick (pfft).

Besides, a good selfie beats 5,000 flat lays so pose baby, pose.



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