A Blogging Slump and How to Avoid It

I think we’ve all been there haven’t we? I had this a few weeks ago. I sat staring at my blog thinking to myself that I needed to write SOMETHING but I didn’t know what that something was. Sometimes I often think I overthink my blog (ah so much thinking!), but I think (I’m at it again…) if you’re going to have your own personal space to write, you may aswell be saying something worthwhile, you know?

So anyway, I was sitting on my bed wondering what the secret to getting out of slump was, and I started goggling the solutions. I also found some awesome suggestions on the blogosphere, and here’s what worked for me:

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Muchos respect to all the ladies out there doing this thang full time, AND those of you managing to kill your 9 to 5 job then blog when you get home. To be honest, I think you need to give yourself a break. It’s okay to slump onto the sofa and binge your new fave Netflix show, we’ve all been there bby.

If you’re having a particularly productive day, keep momentum going and write two or three blog posts. That way when it comes to your rut, you have those couple of posts to fall back on which might make you feel a little better (it does me). Keep the content evergreen, so it’s not going to be needed for a particular time set, that way the pressure is off!

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Yas! I love a good plan, and even though I often don’t have time to sit down and make a moodboard, it’s the time when you’ll be able to come up with the best ideas. I struggle when it comes to instant ideas, but I often have lightbulb moments when I’m on the train or walking somewhere; if you’re the same quickly drop them into the Notes on your phone, then collate them later, you’ll be amazed at how many you’ve got.

Just because you aren’t producing endless blogposts, doesn’t mean you can’t improve your blog behind-the-scenes. Work on your social media accounts, re-write your About Me page and take time to chat to your fellow bloggers on their blogs- it can often help to generate ideas.

blogging rut two

The last tip I think I can give personally, is to write from the heart, a diary entry-type post. It really broke me out of a rut. Even if you don’t end up posting what you wrote, it’s a fabulous way to write down how you’re feeling and what you’re up to, where you’re at in your life and it could just be the key to getting your mojo back.

Let me know if you have any other tips on getting out of a blogging rut!

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  1. April 11, 2017 / 8:23 am

    Yaaaaas love this gal! I have just hit a blogging slump – I definitely agree with all ya points, especially a big ole brainstorm. I always get out my notepad, grab a cuppa T and pour all my ideas / thoughts out on the page. Every time I feel unmotivated, I can look back on it for inspiration! Beaut pictures too my love 🙂 Immy x


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