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You know that hollow feeling when you finish your favourite TV show? Yup, I have that right now. It aches, you know? the obsession you had with a show and now it’s over, you kinda don’t know what to do with yourself… to ease my pain, I’ve basically been going around and telling everyone and anyone about my new fave show Sneaky Pete, I’m like almost getting to the point where I want to stop people in the street and be like PLZ WATCH THIS. To save myself from that embarrassment, I thought I would fill you lovely lot in on what it’s about and why you should be watching it.

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For any Brits out there who watched BBC’s Hustle (maybe I’m completely alone, who knows), Sneaky Pete revived my love of con-based stories. The tale of a prisoner who adopts the identity of his cell mate to avoid a certain gangster MAY seem a little far fetched but I was hooked from the get-go. Created by the awesome Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) who also stars as said gangster Vince Lonigan, the twists and turns had me biting my nails on the train to work and the ending was AH-MAZING.

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Protagonist Marius Josipovic (played by Giovanni Ribisi, you might have seen him in Saving Private Ryan) uses his overly-chatty cell mate Pete Murphy to his advantage by banking all his childhood memories and turning up at Murphy’s grandparents front door when he gets out of prison. Having been gone for over two decades, his so-called family don’t know any different and welcome him with open arms- eep. We follow his double life between helping out at the family’s bail bonds business and his search for a large sum of money he owes Lonigan- who has Josipovic’s brother captive.

Without giving too much away because, you know I don’t want to spoil it (you HAVE to watch it!) the story includes murder, deceit, debt, kidnap, limb removal and some pretty clever con work (of course)… what’s stopping you?

Have you seen Sneaky Pete? Let me know!


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