My New Years Resolutions and How to Achieve Them

Today is going to be a personal one for a change, and I feel so weird writing this!
I’m not usually a New Year’s Resolutions girl; mainly because I never usually stick to them and they’re always pretty generic. But not this year! I’m fully embracing the idea of goals (I’ve already invested in a notebook and everything, get me) and I wanted to share them with you! I do think it’s nice to have something to work towards and even though January 1st doesn’t feel any different to December 31st, I do think the symbolic new start gives people a chance to refresh.


Here are my Goals

To Learn to Drive

This is absolutely SHAMEFUL. I’ve had almost 10 years opportunity to learn to drive and I haven’t. I know, I’m awful. I technically know how to drive, but I’m a little rusty and have had on and off lessons for two years so I’m hoping 2017 will be my year. I’ve completed my theory so it’s time for me to book up and just DO IT. *slaps wrist*

To Visit Somewhere New

Ah! So you know when like, something is super familiar so it feels safe and nice?! Well sometimes I tend to revisit places for a holiday, instead of going somewhere new (I’m basically talking about Disneyland here). So this year, I’m pledging to visit somewhere completely fresh- Rome, Ireland or even New York maybe?! Who knows.

To Be Healthy

This one is PAINFULLY cliche, but it’s something I have to start being strict with myself about. This resolution is so wrong on so many levels (as it enters the realms of being vague, very common and well, a little ambiguous) but I’m going to roll with it. I’ve learnt to embrace my body, but if I’m honest with myself, it’s ability to store fat super efficiently on my butt mixed with my weakness for crisps, fried chicken and burgers has resulted in most of my clothes being unable to fit me. All of this combined with the fact that I don’t EVER bother to exercise might be a tincy bit naughty. So this year, instead of yo yo dieting I’m going to educate myself on the best things to put inside my body; and instead of simply paying a tonne to join a gym, I’m going to walk more, and start going on runs. (don’t expect a gym rat transformation tho, that will never be me…)

To Get Stuck Into My Freelance Work

As a writer, I find it’s very easy for me to get penned into a box, especially if I’m talking about fashion; so I like to pick up freelance jobs here and there so I can test the waters and see if there’s anything else I’m interested in writing about. Over the past few years I’ve discovered I love writing about movies, gardening (what?! I know) and beauty (even though I’m rubbish at it!). Do a frequent google search and see what you can find to write about to make yourself a few extra pennies!

To Finally Start My Book

This one’s a toughy. I’ve put it on here because it’s something I desperately want to happen, but I’m not sure I have the time to achieve. I’ve had a book idea for YEARS, but I kept putting it on hold because I’m convinced I need to be alone in an isolated cabin to actually start and complete it (you know, like the movies- Secret Window and such). So this year I want to at least start putting pen to paper.

To Maintain My CV

Just because you’re in the same job, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t update your CV. Especially if you’re in a job where you are constantly learning things, I do think it’s important to note down all the new things you’re learning, even if it’s not straight onto your CV doc, that way when you move on, you’ll realise all the skills you’ve accumulated. Alternatively if you aren’t learning anything new, perhaps that’s a sign you should think about moving job…

To Take Time Out

I’m sure a lot of people can connect with this one, but I never really find any time to relax, or sit down and read a book. So this year I pledge that I’m going to take some quiet time each week to read a book, or reflect- you know, all that hygge stuff.


Bloggers Resolutions

You might not be into/ not need to have healthy eating goals like me (who can’t control themselves around burgers and fries) so setting yourself some tailored goals can be cool too. I’ve set myself some separate blogging resolutions to help me on my way to becoming more focussed, i.e write X times a week, posting a vlog once a week etc. Also remember not to be so hard on yourself… I’m always trying to push myself to write more when I do kinda need to realise that it’s my day job too (I write on New Look’s blog). Do focus on your blog, but focus on yourself too and your wellbeing!


How to Achieve Your Resolutions

Give it a Time Scale

If there’s a resolution that CAN be given a time scale, then do it. It’s the best way to achieve success really. For example I want to start my book by July.

Write it down and Add Reminders

It’s all well and good thinking of what you want to do for the year to come, but if you can’t remember what you said by January 2nd, you aren’t likely to achieve them by December 31st. Write them somewhere where you can see them, or periodically check in with yourself.

Use the Power of the App

Apps are amazing these days and since we use our phones so much, why not install apps to help you on your journey. For example if your resolution is to drink more water, try the Plant Nanny a

Remember when it comes to blogging…

I’ve learnt you’re sometimes always as good as the tools you’re provided with. So I forgive myself when I take a terrible picture because winter sunlight sucks and I have no pennies for a halo light.

All images nabbed from the ever-beautiful Tumblr.


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