My Pop! Figure Collection and my Experience with Pop in a Box

The perfect way to immortalise your favourite film and TV characters in the cutest form possible? Pop! figures are your answer. I first discovered these adorable models when I received one for my birthday and I’ve been addicted to collecting them ever since. For the seventh day of Blogmas, I’m going to show you my little collection, let you know the best ways to buy them and prove their giftability come Christmas time knows no bounds.

My Disney Princesses

I’m all about the unconventional so I decided to opt for some of the more obscure Disney Princesses for my growing Pop! collection, from Merida to Tiana. Some come with their little animal friends too- I can’t deal with the level of cuteness! I’m praying there’s a Moana Pop! figure too, I NEED it in my life.


The TV Collection

American Horror Story has to be one of my ALL TIME FAVE TV shows and even though Freak Show wasn’t one of my favourites, the charm of it’s characters was undeniable. Elsa (with Ma Petite), Pepper and Bette and Dot have a place in my heart, and on my shelf. With my recent obsession with The Walking Dead, I’m hoping to accumulate a Michone and maybe a Rick? Who knows…


My Other Beauties

My birthday a couple of months ago saw two new additions to the Vinyl fam, with Harley Quinn and Ragnar from Vikings- I’m so in love!


The Best Places to Purchase Funko Pops!

I buy a lot of my figures from Amazon, although a number can be at very varied prices, ranging from £5 right through to £40 and up (I know, WTF?!). Last month me and the boy decided to sign up to a subscription with Pop in a Box- here was our experience…

Pop in a Box

Pop in a Box is a UK website that allows you to either buy Pop! figures, or sign up to their monthly subscription (which we did). This is my experience with the company so far- I want to be honest here; but please tell me if you’ve had good experiences with them!

After filling out a rather tedious form in which we had to pick the Pops! we’d rather recieve (I felt like I’d picked 200+) we then entered our bank details and waited to recieve our Pops!

I know we subscribed half way through the month (November), but we recieved no notification about when our figures might be coming, and even though we were invoiced on 1st December, we still havent recieved our figures yet! I’m sure we will (and will update this blog post when we do) but for over £10 a month each, I’m not sure it’s worth investing in this.

The Positives to Take Away

I do think one positive to the service is that you get a surprise figure each month, which is probably very exciting! Bar that, you’re paying for postage and extra for your figure when you could purchase elsewhere for potentially less (Amazon Prime gives you free next day delivery).



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