At only 19, Swedish singer Sofia Karlberg is at the top of her game. With almost 1.5 million subscribers on her Youtube channel, the teen gained notoriety through her stunning renditions of famous hits like Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love and Hozier’s Take me to Church. We caught up with the star in time for the release of her first single A Bible of Mermaid Pictures, as she talks Instagram, musical inspiration and life in Stockholm. 

“I grew up with my parents (and my cat!) in a small suburb just outside of Stockholm, a typical place where everyone knew everyone. Music has always been a part of me, it has always been a natural thing for me to sing. It wouldn’t surprise me if I started singing before I could even talk!” She told us. “I went to several music schools growing up, and started posting covers on Youtube when I was around 13 years old.” Counting Amy Winehouse and Gerard Way as muses, she told us “music in general is my musical inspiration, since there are so many different paths you can go just by experimenting.”


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