#AngelsxRobots Party: Social Snaps and Celeb Interviews

Last night we celebrated the launch of our Angels x Robots campaign by getting together with Shortlist and Stylist to organise a fun night of drinking, selfies and musical performances. The bloggers and stars were there, the Soho venue was poppin’ and the models were showcasing all the best pieces from the party collection. Scroll down to get the social scoop and read some of the interviews from the night. Were you there last night? Share your images with us using the #AngelsxRobots hashtag!

The Venue

Located at the Vinyl Factory in Soho, guests walked through a record shop before entering the industrial-esque venue, decorated with neon lighting. As the models took to their podiums, curated cocktails were handed out and guests could get their make up touched up at the beauty bar. 

The Models

Showing off some of the best pieces from the party collection, the models positively shimmered on their podiums. While the ladies wore halos, the guys kept it futuristic with glowing eyewear. 

The VIPs

A bevvy of stars were in attendance at last night’s event, with Made in Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson, along with Nicola Hughes and Ollie Proudlock. Singers Tallia Storm and Josh Cuthbert also made an appearance amongst others. 

A Chat with Daisy Lowe

Whats your idea of the perfect christmas party?
“A night out have a really good dance, in a gorgeous dress!”

What trends are you loving right now?
“I’m a big fan of velvet – as you can see from my dress tonight. For parties, it’s all about the metallics for Christmas season and since doing Strictly, I’m obsessed with sparkles!”

Clutch bag essential? 
“Lip balm, powder – all that dancing makes you sweaty! And a hair tie”

We Talked to Ollie Proudlock

Who are your ultimate style icons? 
“Ralph Lauren, always on point and classic. Second would be Tom Ford – his suits are unbelievable. Let’s move away from the classic and go for more edgy style… I’m thinking Johnny Depp. Very cool style, he knows how to accessorise. Finally, my main man Pharrell. He knows how to dress up, dress down. He’s the man with the hat- he sets trends.”

You’re headed to a Christmas party; do you go ultra smart or keep it casual? 
“For me Christmas parties are all about a festive, chunky knit. Don’t be afraid to have a reindeer on there or maybe even a snowman. Christmas is all about expressing your joy and happiness.” 

What is the tune that will get you on the dancefloor?
“R Kelly: Ignition”

We Caught Up With Hannah Gale

Partywear is big right now, what are you wearing to all the events? 
“The culotte jumpsuit is my favourite, for the ultimate comfort! You can eat, you can move, you can do exactly what you want. Aside from that, I love anything that’s embellished or embroidered. Anything statement. “

What beauty products do you bring to every event? 
“My powder because I get very shiny! Also perfume is great to keep you smelling fresh and just a bright red lipstick.”

Are you sensible on a night out, do you bring your flats with you? 
“ I just wear my heels, and then I take them off and go barefoot…” 

What would be your dream Christmas Party scenario?
“Dinner with friends, red wine, good food, Christmassy song and plenty of candles- a really cosy, comfy night in!”

A Chinwag With Liv Purvis

Liv and Joe, do you tend to co-ordinate your clothing for a Christmas party? 
Liv: “Well we went to a wedding this year and we co-ordinated for that. Joe wore a blue pastel suit  and I had a pastel dress, but Christmas I’m not sure.”
Joe: “ I think we unintentionally co-ordinate. I never ask what Liv’s wearing but it just happens.”

Liv, what would typically be in your clutch bag on a night out? 
“My phone probably! My portable charger- it all sounds very Black Mirror doesn’t it? Lip balm or a lip gloss and chewing gum.”

Joe, if someone invited you to a party last minute, what would be the first thing you would throw on? 
“I think it’s all about the jacket- a woollen one. It’s really easy to pull on your basic shirt and trousers, but if you have a staple piece – your overcoat- then it makes it.”

Joe, what’s your go-to party shoe? 
“That’s a good question. I think I’m a bit of everything. Trainers are comfy definitely. I did go through a brogue phase a little while ago but I’m more into Oxfords. Still smart, but slightly different.”

Olivia, What is the tune that would get you on the dancefloor? 
“Ah there are so many! I love Luther Vandross, Diana Ross. If I’m trying to be cool, I’d have to say Ariana Grande for something more current. I really like Little Mix at the moment- anything I can sing badly to. 

What about you Joe? 
“Kevin Lyttle, Turn me on!”

Olivia, what trends will you be wearing this Christmas? 
“I really love velvet and two piece suits. Lots of metallic boots- I love masculine dressing too. Something a little 70s, a little Mick Jagger.”

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