These 90s Movie Men Are Inspiring Your Summer Wardrobe

This year 90’s nostalgia has hit an all-time high and as a decade filled with cinematic sartorial wins, it’s no wonder we’re itching to emulate the style.  But who’d have thought your summer wardrobe was inspired by these movie men? From Vincent Vega to Raoul Duke , here are six iconic characters you’ll want to dress like this season. 

Vincent: Pulp Fiction

Cult film king Quentin Tarantino can always be relied upon to create characters with an effortless sense of style; Vincent Vega being one of his most iconic to date. The epitome of cool, emulate his style with a crisp white shirt, black trousers and a pair of sunglasses.

Duke: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

As soon as Raoul Duke swerved into view in the cross-country movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, he became an instant fashion icon. Equipped with a bucket hat and oversized shirt, his rave style is evident. Channel his look with a crisp white polo shirt and runner shorts pairing, finishing with gold aviators for a nod to those iconic sunglasses of his.  

Romeo: Romeo +Juliet

There was nothing quite like Romeo’s vibrant shirts and brooding look in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the Shakespearean romance Romeo + Juliet.  Steal his style with a tropical print shirt and blue tapered trousers, finishing with a pair of loafers for the ideal holiday look. 

Garth: Wayne’s World

Oddball comedy Wayne’s World follows the story of two slacker friends trying to promote their cable show- little did they know their outfits would live on as a constant source of inspiration for the ultimate 90’s grunge look. Channel your inner Wayne with a black tee and ripped denim jeans, throwing on a baseball cap for good measure. 

Max: Rushmore

Artistically crafted, Wes Anderson is a film maker meticulous when it comes to the  colour scheme of his movies, perfectly demonstrated in second movie Rushmore. Ambitious teenager Max never made a school uniform look so desirable, as his combination of moss green velvet and caramel makes for a clever palette combination. Get inspired with a stone sateen suit and green shirt combo.  

Tyler: Fight Club

Soap Salesman Tyler Durden manages to combine 90’s rave style with biker cool in Fight Club, and fortunately for him it really works. Get his look with a leather jacket and black jeans, breaking up the all-black ensemble with a floral tee. 

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