An Interview With Emilia Clarke

As the stars gathered for the London premiere of book-to-screen adaptation Me Before You, we caught up with Emilia Clarke and director Thea Sharrock to talk Jane Bond, selfies and jokes on set.


When your fans approach you, what kinds of things do they say?
“Can I take a selfie, most of the time!”

Your character has a lot of unrealised dreams. Do you have any?
“All the time! Yes, I think it’s important to have unrealised dreams though as it gives you something to strive for.”

Your costumes in the movie are so kooky, with plenty of charm. Is your style similar to Louisa’s?
“It’s so funny because one time I was on set, and I was asked “Are you in costume already?” and I was like “no! This is me, this is from my wardrobe”. Her shoes are amazing too.”

May 25: Me Before You Premiere in London - 0525 MBYLondonPremiere ...

What attracted you to the role specifically?
“So much! Her joy was so infectious – the ability to laugh and smile and be optimistic on screen was too good to miss.”

This is hopefully the start of many leading lady roles, what would be your dream gig?
“Well, we’ll see. It would be cool to play ‘Jane’ Bond!”

What about your dream leading man?
“Leonardo DiCaprio, that’s an easy one. No, Sam Claflin! Oh wait, that’s already happened…”

Did you and Sam get on well, was there a lot of fun on set?
“Yes, there was a lot of pranking going on, we’ve known each other for a little while, so we had a giggle, especially as he was quite subdued for a lot of the filming process.”


Let’s start with Emilia, she’s an extremely reconisable face in the industry. Did you as a director try and get something fresh from her that people hadn’t seen before?
“ I never needed to try to get anything because she was willing to give everything and the similarities between her and Lou Clarke are amazing, she kind of just is Louisa Clarke.”

Thea Sharrock – 'Me Before You' Premiere in New York | GotCeleb

With only three female directors releasing films this summer, it seems a baffling statistic doesn’t it?
“It’s completely baffling! When I heard that figure I was genuinely surprised. I’d never thought about it but when you see the figures that starkly you have to do something about it and I feel strongly that the industry will do something to change this.”

What would you say to attract guys to see this movie?
“Emilia Clarke! We’ve had a few men who didn’t expect to like it but came away liking it due to the authenticity of the story and the people within in- it’s a very believable story.”

Publication New Look
Date 26/5/2016


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