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With St Patrick’s Day tomorrow, we’ve compiled the must-watch list of films that celebrate the Emerald Isle, from the 1950’s charm of Brooklyn to the award-winning Philomena.


Time Period: 1950s
Irish Location: Enniscorthy, a small town in southeast Ireland.
What’s it about? Irish-born Eilis decides to leave her family behind and emigrate to New York, where she makes a new life for herself. Although she has a new job and meets an Italian plumber (played by Emory Cohen), she is torn when she returns to her homeland for a visit and meets Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson).
Watch this if: You loved Carol and The Danish Girl.




Time Period: 1950’s to present day.
Irish Location: Roscrea, a historical market town in County Tipperary.
What’s it about? Based on the true story of Philomena Lee, Judi Dench and Steve Coogan star in the 2013 film which sees Philomena’s 50-year search for her forcibly adopted son helped along the way by journalist Martin Sixsmith (Coogan).
Watch this if: You’re into dramas like Saving Mr Banks and Blue Jasmine.




Time Period: 2010s.
Irish Location: The city of Dublin.
What’s it about? According to Irish tradition, when a woman proposes on a leap year he is unable to refuse. Hearing of this, Anna Brady (Amy Adams) decides to surprise her boyfriend on a trip to Dublin by popping the question, but fate has other plans for her when she ends up entangled with an Irishman on the other side of the country.
Watch this if: You’re a fan of rom-coms like The Holiday.




Time Period: The 5th century, or the Dark Ages
Irish Location: Unknown
What’s it about? Just like the movie’s strapline says, before there was Romeo and Juliet, there was Tristan and Isolde. The medieval romantic legend comes to life in the 2006 adaptation that tells the story of second in the line to the throne Tristan (James Franco) and his love affair with Irish princess Isolde who is promised to another.
Watch this if: You enjoyed Troy, A Knights Tale and Casonova.



Time Period: 19th Century
Irish Location: Dublin
What’s it about? Painfully shy butler Albert Nobbs (played by Glenn Close) works at a hotel dressed as a man in order to find work in the harsh environment of 19th century Dublin. With dreams of buying a shop to gain some independence, the film tells the story of her tumultuous life and how she overcomes hardship.
Watch this if: You liked Jane Eyre and other period dramas.


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Date 16/3/2016
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