An Interview With Callie Thorpe

Beginning her blog back in 2012, Callie Thorpe has documented her journey to self confidence through sharing her fashion finds, talking about travel and promoting body confidence.
With an accumulative following of 100,000 on her social channels,  people have fallen in love with Thorpe’s honesty and inspiration style. We grabbed her after Fashion Week to talk style staples, social media and self esteem.

What is your street style staple for spring?
“Trainers for this season, definitely.”

Who are your style muses?
“I tend to just take inspiration from everywhere rather than certain people, other bloggers offer great inspiration for me.”

90’s pieces are coming into play for the new season, are you a fan of the trend?
“Yes I love the 90’s look! in fact I wore a bomber and choker  for London Fashion Week last month.”

There are lots of signs of summer pieces coming through too, especially winter sun. Do you have any trips planned, and what would be your winter sun essential?
“I am off to Portugal in April which should be so fun, my essential must have is a good pair of sunnies and lots of sun cream! ”



You have a huge social media and blog following! What do you think it is that attracts so many to follow you?
“I have no idea, I guess  consistency is important and also actually engaging with your followers and readers -I think it’s important to reply to questions and make people feel included! ”

Your blog is beautifully written and often tackles the issues of self-esteem and body image. How important is it to love your body and have you always been self-confident or has it been a learning curve?
“It has been a long journey.  I started the blog in 2012 as a diet diary at a time in my life when I felt pretty low about myself, desperate to lose weight and obsessed with dieting, I was in a pretty bad place. One day I decided that being negative wasn’t going to help me with anything in my life, so I decided to find a creative outlet with a new blog and that’s how from the corners of the curve happened. I still have bad days like everyone else but I am finally out that negative mindset… ”

Do you have any advice for a plus size blogger just starting out?
“Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to be different! ”

Publication New Look
Date 1/3/2016
Link to featured article here


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