Fear and Clothing in Scream Queens

Scream Queens tells the twisted tale of frat house Kappa Kappa Tau, run by the merciless Chanel whose nameless friends become embroiled in her evil plans. As the US comedic horror makes it’s UK premiere on October 26th, we supply you with a cheat sheet to the need-to-know characters and how to steal their style.



Name: Chanel Oberlin
Played By: Emma Roberts. You may have seen her in chick flicks Aquamarine and Wild Child, most recently starring in the American Horror Story franchise.
Personality: With those chiselled cheekbones and that icy persona, Chanel is Kappa Kappa Tau’s sorority Queen for a reason. She roams the campus treating her student counterparts as veritable minions and doesn’t hesitate to get rid of someone if they cross her path.
Best Quote: “What fresh hell is this?”
Signature Style: With such a caustic personality, it’s no surprise Oberlin’s style mirrors her icy heart. Costume designer for the show Lou Eyrich  explained, “She is always impeccably dressed, perfectly matched, and perfectly coiffed.” Expect feathers and furs in powder pinks, plenty of pearls and heels to match the outfit are essential.



Name: Chanel #2
Played By: Songstress Ariana Grande. You would have seen her on Nickelodeon’s Victorious before topping the charts and releasing two albums in the past two years.
Personality: Minion of sorority president Chanel Oberlin, the audience never find out the full name of Chanel #2. The lesser of four evils, Grande’s character may seem timid but she’s not to be messed with.
Best Quote: “I love a creepy collage.”
Signature Style: Never without her pink faux fur jacket, Chanel #2 gives off sassy vibes in comparison with her other friends. “She is similar to Chanel #3 in that she’s playful, but it’s a little more daring” Eyrich says. Cropped silhouettes in bubblegum sweet shades reflect her softer side.



Name: Chanel #3
Played By: Billie Lourd. New to acting, you may recognise her face- she’s the daughter of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher who famously played Princess Leia.
Personality: The core member of the cool girls, Chanel #3, her constant stream of sarcasm and condescending manner make her one of the most formidable sisters.
Best Quote: “ The guy I dated last year got so obsessed with my ears.”
Signature Style: When it comes to an iconic Halloween costume, hers would be on the list. Designer Lou Eyrich said “Chanel #3 was willing to go a bit goofy—mixing it up with earmuffs, loads of jewels, always overdressed”. Never without those signature earmuffs, she tends to take style risks in comparison with the other ladies, pairing tulle skirts with cropped tanks and pearls with fingerless gloves.



Name: Chanel #5
Played By: Abigail Breslin. With an acting career that began at the age of five when she appeared in Signs, Breslin was also nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Little Miss Sunshine in 2006.
Personality: With a Marilyn Monroe aura about her, Chanel #5 may be loyal to Chanel, but she’s certainly the most calculating one.
Best Quote: [To Chanel] “I wasn’t able to get Led Zepplin, apparently one of them died or something”.
Signature Style: Lady-like when it comes to her attire, Chanel #5 fancies herself the classiest of the bunch. With an almost pin-up girl look, she adds “a touch of class, [with] pencil skirts [and] form-fitting ensembles with pearls” says Eyrich.



The Kappa Kappa Tau sisters have a certified palace when it comes to college living. With the front room decked out in golden hues with grandiose furniture and decadent chandeliers, the bedrooms mirror the powder pinks of their respective outfits with a lot of matching throughout. As for the closet? Think Barbie meets Clueless as the set up and range of colour seem reminiscent of past season Juicy Couture.


Publication  New Look
Date               23/10/2015


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