An Interview with Jo Elvin

With over 20 years of editorial experience behind her, you could say Jo Elvin knows a thing or two about fashion. Now the editor of UK Glamour Magazine, Jo carefully juggles work with raising her ten year-old daughter Evie, so we were thrilled when she found the time to chat with us.

Hi, Jo! So what are your earliest fashion memories?

My mum layering a striped knit vest over a polo neck and exclaiming she’d seen the idea in a fashion mag. I was about 4. And I still love that look, so rejoicing in the dominance of the 70’s vibe in 2015!

Glamour stalwart Jo Elvin steps down amid print slash | The Drum

What item of clothing couldn’t you live without?

Flared jeans. There’s that 70’s thing again. I feel so comfortable yet still dressed up enough for work with them and a blazer. I like to think I look like Farrah in Charlie’s Angels, but probably fall a bit short there!

Do you have any favourite childrenswear brands?

I love the sweetness and novelty that brands like Little Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney bring to childrenswear. I’m not really a fan of adult versions of clothes being shrunk down. Call me old fashioned, I’m just desperate for my daughter to stay a child as long as possible.

Could you describe Evie’s personal style?

She is not that obsessed with fashion and I like that at her age. She’s all about comfort and colour so if she had her way she would be in leggings and a colourful top every day of her life. I can occasionally get her into a dress as long as it’s loose fitting and you can ride your scooter in it!

Publication  Childrensalon
Date               23/6/2016


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