How to Create the Perfect Patio

As summer approaches and the time spent in your garden increases, why not decorate your outdoor space with the addition of a patio;
a serene area for hosting, gardening or simply relaxing and enjoying the warm weather.

Choose Your Style
It’s really important to pick a style that suits your garden, but also reflects your own personal tastes. Whether you are looking for a more classic, country-like area or a serene and contemporary feel, specific materials can give you the desired look you want.


Concrete Paving
Choose clean and sleek shades of pearl grey, crisp white or Manhattan black for an edgy and contemporary look. Maintaining that clean look all year round, these cool shades also make for a wonderful transition from kitchen or conservatory to garden. Compliment this style with stair-stepped planters, or raised beds alongside the patio. These raised beds not only protect your plants, but also act as a focal point for the viewer and match the garden with an overall clean look.

Sandstone Paving
More classic in aesthetic and set in a variety of warm tones due to it’s unique natural coloration, sandstone paving is perfect if you are looking for a charming addition to your garden. No two stones are the same when it comes to sandstone paving, creating a rich tapestry of colour in your outdoor area. Keep it traditional with a classic wooden bench and keep it simple- the more colour on the patio, the less accessories you need to enhance your pavement.

Add Life
Once you have chosen the style for you, add life to your patio. Create a view with flowers, planters and raised beds– these often add a natural pop of colour and make the space feel so much more alive. Fill your patio with potted plants- these are low maintenance and can be re-positioned at your convenience.


Extend it
After you have built your patio, your serene space doesn’t have to be restricted. Extend the area with gravel strips, or add pillars and gates to the entrance of the patio to make the garden feel larger. Paved areas also invite garden furniture to spill onto the nearby lawn, opening up the relaxation area further.

Add Light and Shade
During the summer, it’s preferable to create an area that is shaded on your patio.
Invest in a canopy or gazebo to ensure your family can spend time in the sunshine whilst still staying cool. Outdoor spaces are great to enjoy during the day, but also a wonderful place to spend time on warm summer evenings. Add stringed lights, candles or lanterns and get a patio heater for chillier nights.

Publication Alsford Timber
Date              18/5/2015
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