Mid-Season Style: The T-Shirt Dress

As mid-season rears it’s confusing head, we can often get painstakingly stuck between our summer and winter wardrobe. It’s too cold to bare those pins, but it’s just warm enough to put the faux fur away for another season… cue the t-shirt dress! A hero piece for mid-season, the staple that drives you towards summer.

Halfway between a slouchy tee and a multi-functional jersey dress, the t-shirt dress is perfect for spring days. For a more adventurous option to the sporting tee, The Ragged Priest’s sheer midi top is perfect. In powder pink, the fabulously feminine top is complemented by My Little Pony socks and mint green sandals for a nostalgic nod to ’90s chic. Return to retro with a mesh backpack and finish a look by accessorising with a layered choker.

Mesh drawstring bag: Topshop // Mini moon double choker chain: Shopmoonchild //Lexi round sunglasses: Topshop // Caught up mint sandals: La Moda // My Little Pony ankle socks: ASOS // Rain on me sheer midi t-shirt: The Ragged Priest // Circle dream catcher: Shopmoonchild 


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