Maintaining the Perfect Decking

During the warmer months, decking can be a wonderful area to relax and enjoy your garden, barbeque with the family or escape with a book.
After investing time and money, the spring months are the perfect time to prep and spruce your decking to ensure you get the best from it this summer. Then prep and coat again in the autumn to get it ready for winter.


Like anything that lives outside, decking is prone to a build-up of dirt. After brushing away loose debris, apply a decking cleaner, Ronseal Decking Cleaner will get rid of mould and algae; just scrub it in and wash away with water. Doing this regularly in the summer months will protect the wood from damage as well as making a slip-free surface to enjoy!


If your decking becomes very soft, it might be a sign that it is starting to decay. Don’t fret however, as removing these parts (making sure to apply preservative to the raw ends) and replacing them saves you a lot of money in the long-run.

Top tip: All new timber should be treated with at least three coats of preservative to ensure decaying is kept to a minimum.



Discolouration of your decking could be a possibility, but there is a solution. Working with small areas, remove debris from the decking before applying a decking restorer with a brush. After working the solution in, leave to stand and you will see the wood has been given a new lease of life, complete with original colouration. Ronseal Decking Restorer works in just 15 minutes, so you can take care of a grey deck in no time at all


Vulnerable to everyday wear-and-tear, your decking would really benefit from the occasional application of a protective coating – there are many products to use depending on the look you would like to achieve. For a hint of colour, use a Decking oil. Or for richer colour Use a Decking Stain. Ronseal Ultimate Decking products last twice as long as standard stains and oils, so you don’t have to re-coat as often.

Top tip: If you are covering a large area of decking and applying multiple coats, you might like to apply stain with a paint sprayer as oppose to a brush – this will speed up the process.

Refuel the wood with the use of oil – this revitalises the natural oil that was previously present in the decking, as well as protecting it from damp.

Publication Alsford Timber
Date             25/3/2015
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