Faux Pas Wishlist: Socially Questionable Items I Desperately Want

I know what you are thinking. Bizarre mouth bling that makes your teeth look unattractive or even grimey? You may have thought grillz were firmly placed in the mouths of hip hop moguls, but their recent appearances on the red carpet have left me yearning for some. Some small, silver, as subtle-as-you-can-yet grillz perhaps?! I don’t know maybe I’m mad but they are certainly faux pas. 
Fashion Glasses
Remember when you went to school and always said to the speccy girl that you wish you had some cute frames like hers? No? Just me then. I love the way glasses (as well as sunglasses) work as an accessory and can really change your look. Tossing aside the ghastly ‘geek’ trend and opting for a cat-eye frame, fashion glasses could definitely be a thing and if they are, I’m totally behind it.
Faux Septum Rings
My logic for faux piercing jewellery is pretty simple- its painless and in no way permanent. Before I decided to get any cartilage pierced, I purchased a number of ear cuffs and after loving the look I got several piercings. Wimpy Mc Wimperson over here was very much anticipating the pain of a septum ring incertion so a faux ring seemed like a much better option. Intricate and comfortable enough to wear all day, they are a sure fire way to change a look without permanently changing your face. 
Gold Henna
I adore henna, as a fickle person who has never really been into the idea of tattoos, it’s been a go-to material to decorate my skin. Injecting a hint of metallic into a henna look is super fun and with likes of Beyonce covering herself in the stuff while she basks in the sun, who wouldn’t want to wear it?! 
Do you have a faux pas wishlist? 

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