My Favourite Online Stores at the Moment

There’s a whole world of choice out there and thanks to the internet, you can pretty much buy anything you want from any country! For me, it is all about finding small stores or individuals who make unique pieces, items that were previously out of reach on the high street. Instagram has been the main channel that helped me find these stores, but a lot of them I found through Googling. It’s definitely worth searching around if you are looking for something specific as you could support smaller designers and labels! 
O Mighty
My favourite online clothing site of all time, O Mighty helps feed my ’90s obsession. Their cheeky store is based in Singapore and often bases its print on current pop culture trends. From Justin Bieber mug shot socks, to Clueless sweatpants, Kim Kardashian cry-face phone cases to chicken nugget print skirts, everything is totally hilarious and totally worth the money. Celeb customers range from Miley Cyrus, Azealia Banks, Hayley Williams and Justine Skye. 
Jade Clark 
An individual that I found through Instagram, I fell in love with Jade Clark’s ’90s inspired pieces, mixed with a 21st Century edge. Her pieces have a wonderful delicate appearance and are dominated by feathers and holograms. 
Somewhere Nowhere
Somewhere Nowhere is a place I go when I’m in the money, or when there is a sale. Previously I detested the thought of wearing fluffy jumpers but this label has changed my mind completely. Mixing faux fur with sheer panelling, this brand is not for the shy and retiring! 
Cleated heels are to me, the must have wardrobe accessory and I spent a good month going between these two sites trying to decide which pair of shoes I wanted. 
My 1st Wish
With an array of flats, boots, heels, sandals and wedges, there is a little too much choice at My 1st Wish. I love unusual pieces but for those looking for neutral shades they have nude/white pieces available. 
La Moda 
For me La Moda always seems to answer my cries for fashion help. Their cleated heels are superb – I ordered Harper in nude and was thoroughly impressed with a quick delivery and such stunning shoes! Their range of accessories is equally inspiring and I am so excited they teamed with Vida Kush to bring faux septum rings to the UK. Call me sad but I would rather try out a faux ring than get someone to stick a needle in my nose!



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